Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ok, so i have been sobusy of late. The damn new software for the trucking company is hell. I am having to input since the start of the year and learning it at the same time. I have been pulling my hair out and killing the mouse ALLOT. The house has been a mess and have no want to do anything. James hasn't been home lately. I have seen him at the truckstops but it's just sex. There really is no time to spend time. Then last week, I killed the dog. The new puppy. I had laid down fertilizer cause I thought it would be cheaper and shit. Come to find out, he had a real bad allergie to it. And that was James' dog. He hasn't came home yet and not really looking forward to with out him here waiting for him. I haven't had a scene since Jan. And i'm not sure if I want to anymore. Not really seeing the point anymore. Ok, I have posted here. I need to get to work on the damn software some. I will keep this up more.

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